The Boys Series: Hughie Band / Bands Tee Collection Part II

The Boys Series: Hughie Band / Bands Tee Collection Part II

When I decided to write a blog post about the Prime series; The Boys Hughies Band Tees collection, I never imagined how many fans of the series were looking to identify his concert t-shirts. Hughie has become a favorite in the show and his collection was undeniable unique. 

Definitely Kudos to the Head Costume designer Laura Jean Shannon and all the producers that put this show together for such a great job. Keeping the show real while encompassing "supe" outfits is not an easy task. 

 Spoilers aside, expect to hear more about Compound V and the introduction of "supe Terrorist" or Supe Villains like Homelander want's to call them. The series does get more gruesome but if you are in it for the tee fashion collection, now there are more characters sporting great pieces than before. You won't be disappointed, I have spotted 99% of the t-shirts on the show and now you have links to buy some of them. How awesome is that?


Get ready for a lot of Hughies tees to be covered in blood. Staring with Episode 1 James Taylor tee. 

And talking about iconic, here is Mothers's Milk wearing a Wu-Tan tee

While on  episode 2 Frenchie wears The Elite tee (isn't he adorable?. Later on he wears another cat t-shirt) 

Not all tees are bands and in two cases Huguies wears and non-concert tee.  Sasquatch Cyclist tee


Here is Hughie on episode 3 wearing a Dr. Dog T-shirt. Uncharacteristic for him to wear yellow but do not worry, you will see whale guts all over this one.  On the same episode MM wears another iconic piece, Public Enemy tee. 

MM wearing Public Enemy.  Also while on the boat, Kimiko's brothers sports an orange Spuds Mackenzie Tee. 


The second non band tee of the season by  Huguie on Episode 4 wearing a Bibliophile Octupus tee

And here is the tee that I need help recognizing. Please leave a comment if you know whose John Concert tour from 2018 is this? While MM is wearing a Dr. J 1976 tee. 

Here is super cute Frenchie wearing an inspired Dr. Who tee with a cat on it. 


I find this tee to be great for Episode 7 since is the one before the last episode of the season. Here is Hughie trying not to watch porn wearing a Journey Concert Tee. Japan 81

And last but not least here is Hughie wearing on Episode 8, a Fleetwood Mac tee.

But WAIT! Almost forgot the second Billy Joel Tee that Hughie wears (remember, he is a super fan and you will see Starlight asking him why on the last episode) You can buy that t-shirt here on my site along the other Billy Joel worn on Season one. (yes, Hughie is covered in blood again!)

There is one more t-shirt worth mentioning and that is the Fassbinder Metallica style tee worn by someone in the show. I won't reveal who and what episode, watch, pay attention and leave me a comment. 

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