Cruella, the new fictional Fashion Punk Queen

Cruella, the new fictional Fashion Punk Queen

I have to admit, I am not a Disney fan, but lately they are re-inventing stories and re-engaging with people like me, hence the new Star Wars Mandalorian series. I fell in love with Grugru and now I want to know more about the whole franchise of movies and understand the story line better. 

This time, Disney did it again! Cruella, the prequel to the villain behind 101 Dalmatians is not only captivating, interesting, beautifully casted and shot, but also it is all about FASHION and the struggle of fashion designers to make it in the industry despised the huge fashion houses not allowing creativity to transpire as it should.

Immediately after, Estella (Cruella's alter ego) starts designing. I recognized Vivienne Westwood style. The British Queen of Punk Fashion was well represented, even thou she was not mentioned once in the movie. You can also see inspiration from  John Galliano, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and other avant-garde designers. 

But one of the biggest homage to 70s London is at the renown store Liberty (Liberty of London) The store was replicated perfectly in 3D. Originally build with timber from19th century battleships, the architecture showcases a striking Tudor-style. While Cruella's experience at Liberty of London was less than pleasing, just having a short but sweet perusing times inside the building was a dream come true for her and for us. 

One of the most magical moments in the movie, specially for us Vintage Fashionistas anyway, was her visit to Second Time Again vintage store, and meeting the owner who almost remind us of a young Davie Bowie. Now, this was also staged around the wordly renowned Portobello Road, where you can walk for almost a mile, to find the best shops filled with amazing antique and vintage pieces. The store itself could have been a replica of Vivienne Westwood Worlds End vintage store. 

While the depictions of Cruella's character remind us a bit of the Joker portrait. The story still keeps its uniqueness and the fact that is shot at London's 70s scene and the birth of Punk, almost excuses her irreverent styles. Do we want a Disney Super Hero? Yes, why not? The Maleficent franchise has done extremely well, and other characters can definitely need to be explored further to make them just not a fantasy little children story, but something more. I vote for Cinderella. Not only was she a designer as well, but she could talk to animals, transform itself and her places beautifully, that takes special skills, no? 

Here are some of our favorite looks from Cruella's movie. Exuberant, artistic and definitely fashion forward.
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Cruella's Garbage Truck Look