About ClosetBlues

You are different. That’s it! No explanations needed for your style, your fashion or your clothes. You are unapologetic and authentic.
ClosetBlues is here for you. A store that finally doesn’t give a damn about seasons and trends. You are tired of trying to be the same, to fit in and you are proud of your true colors, even if those colors are only black and white. If that is you, you are in the right place.

ClosetBlues is an online store that was born out of a natural passion for fashion and art. My store has a unique selection of fashion pieces that reflect the style, sophistication and trendiness of the times we are living in. I curate the mix of styles that are sold in the store, from designer brands to boutique styles or unbranded /unknown designers. I believe a good fashionista knows how to combine the most coveted designer pieces with less expensive items and always look fabulous. The trick is to look for those unique items every single time, not be afraid of making a statement and feel confident about choosing who you want to be when you get dressed and styled. You are different and you deserve to stand out from the crowd!

ClosetBlues is a boutique, I don't carry large inventories of anything. Most of my items are limited quantity and most of the time I do not restock inventory. Why? I'm constantly curating and looking for the best pieces and discounts I can find from my vendors so you can get the best deal. Sometimes I cannot get more of that piece or simply it is has been sold by the designer. This means, what you see today in my store might be gone tomorrow, so you have to hurry because you may never see it again.

My promise is to deliver new and unique styles for your closet and do constant research to find these new brands and designers and bring them to you in one place…here on ClosetBlues.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Shopping!


Disclaimer: ClosetBlues does not make any of the clothes sold on this site. The clothing and accessories are curated by the founder. ClosetBlues does not own copyright to the pictures of the items sold on this site. Copyright of each photograph belongs to the brands unless specifically stated by ClosetBlues.