About Closetblues

Closetblues is on a mission to redefine fashion and style by up cycling and scaling trends.

For years, the fashion industry has created a scare tactic around new trends and seasonality. When we don’t follow those trendy styles, we've been told that our looks are outdated:  minimizing our confidence, our individuality, and our sense of belonging.

I created Closetblues to show that all eras and styles can coexist in your closet and make sense. That discarding last century-pieces is not only adding to the planet pollution but also doesn’t make any financial sense. Closetblues was created to elevate uniqueness and embrace all silhouettes. Looking for fabrics with a luxury feel and timeless designs. Closetblues challenges the notion that style is more than a self-defined present state.

I spent years making foundational revisions to fashion expectations and trends. The result is a collection of both vintage and new pieces that are brought together to not just be modern but timeless.

ClosetBlues is a boutique, I don't carry large inventories of anything. Most of my items are limited quantity and most of the time I do not restock inventory. Why? I'm constantly curating and looking for the best pieces and discounts I can find from my vendors, so you can get the best deal. Sometimes I cannot get more of that piece, or simply it is has been sold by the designer. This means, what you see today in my store might be gone tomorrow, so you have to hurry because you may never see it again.

Thanks for being part of the new fashion circle. 


ClosetBlues does not make any of the clothes sold on this site. The clothing and accessories are curated by the founder. ClosetBlues does not own copyright to the pictures of the items sold on this site. Copyright of each photograph belongs to the brands unless specifically stated by ClosetBlues.