Closetblues is on a mission to redefine fashion and style by up cycling and scaling trends.

ClosetBlues is a woman-own boutique. We are constantly curating new collections of vintage and contemporary pieces that we believe will transcend the fashion trends. We try to keep our inventory slim because we don't want to add to fast fashion waste. We constantly look for versatile pieces, easily worn by more than one size woman or transformed into multiple looks. We've spent years making foundational revisions to fashion expectations and trends. The result is a collection of vintage and new pieces that are brought together to be not just modern, but most of all, timeless.


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    All the pieces sold at Closetblues are curated based on artistic expression, timeliness value, and a sense of relevancy.
    Our collection comprises new pieces made in different parts of the world to one-of-a-kind vintage styles that capture the essence of their time. Each item sold can inspire a fashion story.


    One of the first principles we apply when curating pieces is defining contemporary elements by adhering to the geopolitical landscape.
    Fashion has always been a reflection of their times. A way of inspiring and driving generations, either moving forward or simply by reminiscing of nostalgia.

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the process

C U R A T I O N & B E Y O N D

Value & Composition

There are elements of design that remain consistent through time. Simply, because they always work. Remember, fashion comes and goes, but the human body is always the same.

We look for pieces that will complement the silhouettes of the body and enhance the famously more embellished areas.

Cinched waists, backless dresses, draped fabrics, black colors, and neutral tones.

Wearability & Intent

We look for wearability but with a twist. It would be best if you had an outfit for every occasion and every occasion with the intent to feel good.

Enclothed cognition is the effect different clothes and styles have on your psychic. The outfit you are wearing gets you in the mood to be like the image you represent. You should always dress to play the part you want to play, not the character you were assigned.

We measure wearability by mood, occasions, and the intent to feel better about yourself.

Photography & Styling

We curate all pieces based on their intrinsic artistic value. While we have a vision, this might not always translate easily in a hanger.

We photograph each piece in different environments and positions. We style the garments and create outfits. We see what works and what doesn't. Some items are more versatile than others, and some look great in every setting we place them.

Our goal is for you to be inspired by each style and imagine yourself wearing it.

Ordering & Shipping

We collect both contemporary and trending pieces and also curate authentic vintage styles. We source our new pieces worldwide, especially in China and India. These items typically take a little longer to be shipped because they are made to order. Also, we do not carry a large inventory as we are constantly rotating styles, so we have no stock to ship immediately.

When it comes to vintage, each piece is spot cleaned, amended if necessary, and appropriately hung in our vintage gallery room. We adopt them with love until they find a new home in your house. Our vintage pieces ship within 2-3 business days.