C stands for woman with Class

C stands for woman with Class

Carolina was born in Caracas Venezuela in 1939 and her family knew fashion, couture and designers all their life. Her grandma use to take her to Balenciaga fashion shows and she was expose to the designs of Lanvin and Dior at an early age, Carolina was immerse in a world that she would grow up to be part of. It was no coincidence that she started her career as the publicist for Emilio Pucci and other designers, with the connections she always had in the fashion business. 

With this background you would think Carolina's designs would have been opulent, extravagant and completely irrelevant for the regular woman, but not, Carolina created a style that read sophistication and glamour while keeping her pieces and silhouettes simple and streamlined. Her staple white crisp shirt is just the most sexy and simplistic piece of clothing any woman could have and yet it is one of the most multifaceted pieces in any closet. And this reminds me of Chanel, another designer name that starts with C. Her staple tweed jacket was taken from mans wardrobes and tweaked to be more feminine but yet classy. At 81 Carolina Herrera is still a great relevant designer and the main reason is because she has always stayed true to herself. Learn more about Carolina legacy and designs through out her 35th year career in fashion.

Owning a piece from Carolina Herrera, especially from the 80's is adding an important design to your collections. because you know this item is going to be timeliness, classy and have have the best construction you have yet to seen in years. Closetblues had to have one of Carolina's designs in our Vintage Collection of Dresses. 

This 1980 Animal Print Dress is available for Sale.

Shoulder pads, back zipper, long sleeves and skirt ruffles.