Mask. The new Fashion Statement

Mask. The new Fashion Statement

Besides staying safe, healthy, and protecting yourself and others; the mask's style has rapidly become the next fashion statement piece. The pandemic has created a new normal for us and with no visible end to this lifestyle on sight, embracing the symbolic piece of our times is the best way to go. The mask effect!

Your mask is going to cover 50% of your face, emphasizing your eyes is not the only thing to do. Your masks need to represent your look and style. Please remember that matching your shoes to your purse is no longer a modern fashion rule. The same goes for wearing your mask, and yes, we are saying mask in the plural as you should have more than one.  Here is what to consider:

1. Review your wardrobe and find out what are your predominant colors and styles. Do you wear a lot of black, floral pieces or a lot of colors? Choose one of the masks based on your most predominant style or color. You do not have to be "matchy-matchy", just make sure, it compliments your outfits. 

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2. Think about time and place. Where are you going more often? Do you need to go to the office or workplace? Are you going to the store? Choose a mask that can adapt to your surroundings. If you are in the office, try not to wear a mask with words or controversial graphics. If at the store, maybe use a mask that makes people smile when they look at you. Nothing like making others happy with your mask.

3. Climate. Make sure your masks are not too big or heavy if you are in a hot climate and if you are in a cold area, take advantage of that and use knitted and more scarf-like versions.

Have at least three masks in your collection to choose from. Wash them as often as you need and always have a spare surgical mask in your car or purse, in case of emergencies. And always remember to have fun, these are unprecedented times, but staying positive is the best way to make things work.