It was one of those days of red sunsets with violet and blue hues. One of many in which I only wanted to go for a walk in the city, the city that I had imagined, the one that started after the same corner I saw every day, where there was a sign that said: "For Lease".

Suddenly in front of me a woman with golden hair would not stop staring at me. She had looked into the window and across the glass I felt like her heart was beating for me. After a few minutes of silence, while the last rays of sun disappeared, I felt a hand tore me out of my reference point, my window. I should have said goodbye to the sunsets, the warm mornings, the noise of the city, all the passersby... but you never know how to say goodbye.

Moments after, the soft white hands of a woman touched my skin and I felt for the first time a caress. It was something I did not expect. She took me with both hands and hold me closed to her chest. Then I was placed in a well-padded box with a bag covering me. I knew I was finally on the street, but I could not see it, I could not walk it.

After a few hours of swinging away.  I got to a place where everything was black and white, no windows, no sun and thousands of drawers and mirrors filled the room and it was there that I first saw myself. She started dancing with me... dancing on the softest carpets I ever felt. Her hair was like sunshine and the surrounding mirrors seemed to applaud our dance.

Days have passed, and I was inside my box, without moving, without seeing the sun, the lights of the cars, the children of the people, the wet pavement reflecting thousand colors. Until one night she came and took me out of the box and carefully opened the zipper on each side and I felt her warm and soft foot inside me again. But something terrible happened, the zipper got stuck right in my skin, and she could not pull it up anymore. After several attempts she took her wet feet out of me, and at this time I should have said goodbye again...and I think I did, but I almost do not remember anymore. I knew I was going back to my padded prison, covered again by a black bag that said in large white letters Maraolo. As I got back to my place, I heard her voice saying: Do not worry, I'll fix you and we will walk the city together.

I do not know how much time passed after that. I only know that the last time I saw her, I did not see her golden hair like the sun, I saw a very sad face and pale. On her head a red scarf with blue and violet hues, which reminded me of the sunsets again. She took me in her arms and said ... I’m sorry... I think I'll have to break my promise.

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