Casa Sol

Casa Sol

Our new Collection Casa Sol was curated to pay homage to moments of reflection and solitary contemplation, nostalgically celebrating a time when it felt as if all you needed was yourself in order to feel safe. With the memory of sunbeams lighting up our hallway being just out of reach - We found ourselves recalling the smell of sunlight filtering through those windows and the wind blowing against our skin

We realised how much it meant to us when we would take naps on those sofas at midday. We were building rituals that were engraved in our mind forever as memories. 

When curating this space we wanted it to be filled with nostalgia-calling back on every inch of the old house that encased our most private moments of fragility.  

In this exquisite space we dream about sunlight slipping through the corners of our eyes, drifting off into sleep and waking up refreshed from a heatwave; anticipating another long day ahead. This is an experience that will always remain with us - becoming such a sacred ritual that it'll keep you awake all night long after it's over.

Casa Sol is an extension of one’s ritual; it carries us through our daily routines with the intention of encouraging self-care and appreciation for oneself. Casa Sol has been carefully curated and designed to show off how we use each moment of the day to reflect on who we are as individuals. From what it means to drink coffee or tea in the morning, to resting your heart-shaped rings when you're feeling drained at night, this collection is made up of pieces that bring us back home no matter what hour of the day it may be.