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The boys Amazon Series Hughie Concert Tee Collection

The boys Amazon Series Hughie Concert Tee Collection

Sometimes we decide to watch with the "boys" of the house one of those super heroes movies or shows because you know "boys" and how much they like the fantasy world. We pleased them and let them feel good. So I started watching The Boys, a new Amazon Prime Video Series that I though had an interesting take on the whole "Supe" story line. A bit twisted, but that's exactly why I wanted to see it. The series is based on a Comic Book called The boys as well and the characters are all based in classic super hero icons like superman and wonder woman. But expect the worst from them and you will get really sick personifications. 

To my surprise I found a hidden fashion gem inside the series I was not expecting. Hughie, one of the human, non super hero character wears an amazing collection of vintage Concert T-shirts that is amazing and well though out after. I am on episode 5 and he has worn about 6 vintage concert tees that we should all be looking for. Some I already sell here in my boutique...Some I am still looking for. Take a look at the gallery below. 

The Ramones Huguie Tee

In here you see Huguie wearing the Ramones T-shirt, which has become a bloggers favorite. 

Van Halen Huguie tee

In this scene he is wearing a Van Halen tee. Looking for it.

 Billy Joel tee

Here is wearing a Billy Joel Tee. A lot of the times you need to look really closely to know which band it is, because he wears some tees under his shirt.

Nirvana Tee

Here is the first tee I noticed. Episode 1 Nirvana. I have a similar version for sale in my boutique. 

Second Nirvana

 Another Nirvana Tee. 

If you spot another tee from a band I couldn't recognized please leave a comment below. 

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