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History of Closetblues

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I love fashion. But not just because of trends and designer names, I love fashion as an art form, as an expression of the times, your mood, your personality and the designers intentions to make you feel a certain way. 

During my journey with I have sold many "trendy" pieces and many wonderful styles. But I don't believe the store has stayed true to the never ending mantra of "I got nothing to wear" . I don't think we have resolved the case of the closet blues. 

I opened this online boutique to curate fashion styles that speak to you because they are unique, because they might be on trend or not, but they represent who you are in this point in your life. A lot of the styles also represent me, who I am and how I feel. Going back to the roots of Closetblues is very important to me. 

Because we are going to be "re-branding" the store, some pieces might no longer be available and you might find a lot of sold out items. Some styles will be sold at Poshmark, so hurry and get those pieces.

Thank you!


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