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Have I found my style or lost it....?

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Almost 40Have I found my style or lost it....?


Yes, I am almost 40 and I can’t even pronounce that number and I am afraid to check those 35-40 boxes in a survey. In 5 months exactly I will be 40 and there are probably rules and standards I am supposed to follow but I don't know exactly what those are or why should I follow them. I have never been big into following rules and for the most part, I have been a rebel at heart. 



So, on the verge of this dramatic number arriving sooner than later on my calendar (all my calendars, I can’t avoid it) I have decided to write about my passions and my experiences so far, but because I run a fashion boutique, a lot of it will be tied to style and that's fine because that is one of my passions. 






To begin, I leave these questions out there. Who are we supposed to become at 40? Are we mature enough not to have fun with our outfits? Have we found our style or lost it? And if so, what is that supposed to be?  I question whether I should still be wearing those ripped jeans and whether the "younger" ones think that is still appropriate...Do I care? Probably not, but, it is still in the back of my head. I've not seen so many changes since I turned 30, I feel the same, maybe not look exactly the same....even thou sometimes I do feel like I look the same. Yes, bear with me here, 40 is a big deal for a lot of us, there are so many numbers that set a mark in your life and in society and 40 is one of them. Expectations for this number are in place all over, and while 40 might be the new 30 (or some say), you start wondering if you should be changing too and start following some rules after all. 






Here it is, my first post about this double digit life mark. Follow me and leave some comments below. 




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