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The "Millennial" Pink

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The "Millennial" Pink

The millennial Pink

Yes, everybody is writing about this like it is a phenomenon, and I started questioning what it really meant. I particularly don't like this color, it doesn't go well with my skin complexion and it reminds me of the color of furniture in my parents’ house in the early 90's (my mom got obsessed with this color and ivory combination). With that out there, it doesn't mean I won’t add stuff to my closet that features that subdue color. I will because you want it and not everything is about me here. But....



A couple of years ago Mint Green became a "thing" too, I forgot how many seasons it took for it to die out but it did and now I ask you how many times have you worn that pretty mint dress? Probably not ever again. Pastel color during springs are predictable trends but this pink or dusty rose or whatever you want to call it has become more than that. It feels like a freaking cult or something. Now, the funny thing is that it can only be paired with a good tan and some sexy curves or you start looking like an old prude. (Please prove me wrong here)



Dusty rose, salmon pink, peach nude, blushed. So many names for a color and at the same time so many tonnes of it. Here are a few and yes, more names:



Pantone Colors

This was the Pantone color of the Year 2016 and it hasn't gone away. I am not saying I want this color to go away, but for sure...2017 color of the year is not this is green...Oh, God! Even worse for me...I would look like an albino lizard on top of a Christmas tree, wearing this color. 



I not saying you shouldn't try this trend if you have a majestic caramel macchiato skin tone...but if you don't...and don't want to look like a mousy little girl that forgot her lunch box in school, please think twice about investing money in pieces on this color. If you still want to be "in", please buy a bag, a clutch or maybe a pair of pumps, make them nude blush, not pink, not salmon. 



Here are some dresses and sunglasses you can get in my closet in this color, I not selling this to you but if you insist on buying trendy, well, who am I to stop you?



Oh, almost forgot, here is some stuff from "my second closet" you can buy as well to fill the pink void in your heart. (I will tell you more about my second closet soon)

Boutique Jewelry - Peach Flower NecklaceVintage Jackets & Blazers - 🎁 Lew Magram Pastel Floral Garden Sequins Jacket

And of course, if you disagree with me, please leave a comment below.




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