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Lack of cooperation

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Lack of cooperation 

You might ask, so what is the big deal about turning 40. And my answer is, there really isn't but... there is one thing, you start to disagree with your body in many ways. Your boobies start to take long rests and get in this weird folding position when you take off your bra. (Yeah my ex would say, there is an exercise for that) Oh stop, I am talking about cooperation here, my body is suddenly becoming needy.  What the hell? 

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So yes, your body is not keeping up with you and the one thing you took for granted in your 20s, starts to push you to do something or else. And by else I mean, well things are not as well positioned as before. I know I am not the only one going thru it, or have gone thru it but... I don't remember how all these years passed by so fast. 

So, here you are faced once again with body image issues and start all these stupid regimens and you even lose weight, which I did, not because I needed it as much, but because I wanted to fit back into some clothes I loved In my closet (those high waisted pencil skirts) but my body once again disagreed with me and flat out the limited fat cells on my ass and the other ones migrated to my belly and now refuse to go back. I didn't say you could do that, body!

On top of that, you start seeing genetics and family traits show up. You can’t avoid those, there are all sorts of crazy things in my family. They come uninvited and move in forever. Some are even doubles... talking to you double chin! 

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So, here you have it. Now your body becomes a delicate dessert that needs all sorts of ingredients to stay yummy. 

Good genetics help too, we are not all fortunate enough. I'm grateful to be skinny, at least that’s one good thing, also got the petite body type in an elongated body (ok, that did not sound right) Basically I have fewer issues to deal with my body, but when you are almost 40 and never had a conversation like this with your "skin/bones/muscle wrap", you realized that you have to work to make this relationship better with your body before you turn 50, because who knows what it will decide to do without your permission at that point. 


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